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Microphome is proud to be the leader in Mic and electronic health care for over 10 years. We saw the need for public safety long before anything was being protected with shared and personal electronics.
We have provided a safe and proven product for professional preparedness and hygiene as the industry standard.  Microphome keeps your equipment as clean as possible, utilizing our patented foam to properly protect your gear and handlers. Audio equipment is expensive and an investment. Take care of it and yourself.
Thank you to our loyal and satisfied long-term customers. We haven’t had one complaint or a single return in over 10 years of faithful service. We got you through N1H1 and Microphome has been here from the start, to serve all your needs during this recent battle against covid. You can have faith knowing we at Microphome are fighting the good fight and continue to develop new products and solutions as we grow into a future where we will be needed more than ever.

Microphome professional Microphone Cleaner